Partial list of clients served:


Arab Potash Company, cold crystallizers design, potash production from carnallite.

Brinderson, process and P&ID bleach plant, engineering consulting.

Brinderson, process and P&ID hydrochloric acid plant, engineering consulting.

Cygnus Corporation, facility projects and design, specialty chemicals.

Dymax Engineering, energy and power related projects, engineering consulting.

El-Nasr Salines, solar evaporation pans, salt production.

Fluor Daniel, Hitachi facility energy and projects engineering, semiconductor wafer production .

General Electric-RCC Thermal Products, process development-treatment of produced water of hydraulic fracturing, evaporator equipment.

IMC Kalium, facility project, salt evaporator MVR-solution mining.

Jordan Salt Company, facility equipment, salt plant.

Mississippi Potash, process crystal growth, potash plant.

SGL Carbon Technic, hydrochloric acid furnace process P&ID, equipment supplier.

SGL Carbon Technic, machine design/fabrication, equipment supplier.

US Salt, facility and operation projects, salt production-solution mining.

US Coast Guard, facility engineering; and

Sunnyvale Dental, ventilation, dental office.

Project size on installed basis ranged between $10K and $20M.



Partial list of clients served with others:


Lead process, project, or mechanical engineer having  process piping, plumbing, and HVAC for Gilead, Intercia, Bayer, Protein Design Laboratory, Medarex, Evans Analytical Group, Miles laboratories, Western Digital, Seagate, Applied Materials, Stion Corporation, First Solar, Henkel Corporation, IMC Kalium, Rhone Poulenc, RSR Corporation, Arab Potash Company, Ethiopian minerals, Exportadora De Sal, Union Camp, Resolute, Gulf States Paper Corporation, US steel, Pfizer, Eastman Kodak, Rohm and Haas, Olin, Jacobs Engineering, DTE Biomass, Pacific Gas and Electric, Soil and Materials Engineers, Ford Motor company, Lockheed Martin. City of Lyons, Ohio; City of Waldron, MI; City of Winchester, MI; Chinese Hospital, San Francisco, CA; and Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA. Project size on installed basis ranged between $25K and $150M.


Processes included, solar evaporation pans, potash hot and cold processes, trona calcination, soda ash, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulphate, ammonium sulphate, Glauber's Salt, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, citric acid, pulp and paper, tool installation, research laboratories, chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, chemical mechanical polishing, spray drying, bioreactors, water for injection, fermentation, biokill, clean-in-place, waste water treatment, waste neutralization, process cooling water, reverse osmosis and deionized and ultrapure water, clean steam, vacuum systems, clean dry air; cryogenic storage and delivery systems including liquefied nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon, and helium; and specialty gas delivery systems of pyropheric, inert, toxic, and corrosive.


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